Oxide is a desktop environment for the reMarkable tablet.


  • Multitasking / application switching

  • Notifications

  • Wifi managment

  • Chroot for applications that you don’t fully trust

  • Optional lockscreen

  • Homescreen for launching applications

  • Process manager

  • Take, view, and manage screenshots

Install Oxide#

⚠️ Warning: Since this changes what application is launched on boot, you'll want to make sure you have your SSH password written down, and it's recommended to setup an SSH key. This way you wont lose access to SSH if something goes wrong and your device soft-bricks.

Oxide is available in toltec . These instructions assume you already have it installed.

  1. opkg install oxide

  2. systemctl disable --now xochitl

  3. If you are installing on a reMarkable 2: systemctl enable --now rm2fb

  4. systemctl enable --now tarnish

Uninstall Oxide#

  1. systemctl disable --now tarnish

  2. systemctl enable --now xochitl

  3. opkg remove --force-removal-of-dependent-packages liboxide